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Ashley Walters


Ashley Kline Walters is a founder of The Waltline Group, LLC, where she helps leaders and their teams align to create a clear path to hit their goals with confidence. Ashley’s ultimate purpose is to help leaders and their teams win!

Ashley brings a unique skill set to the table with over a decade of tech experience and many years in manufacturing. She knows the problems leaders face with creating strategies and executing plans firsthand and what it takes to make them succeed. This background enabled her to rescue a struggling SaaS company.

Ashley has also been responsible for creating teams and software products from the ground up for a Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing space. She understands the dynamics of what it takes for a team to perform and believes organizational clarity combined with the right framework is the key to success. Clients say, “Ashley is known for her ability to form relationships and create transparency.”

Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Western Governor’s University, and is a certified coach with Metronome United. Ashley loves to work with humble leaders who are not afraid of challenging the status quo and want to make their people, organization, and customers awesome!

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