Clear is for growth-minded organizations who want end-to-end process automation that scales to their entire workforce. Our Intelligent Automation platform dramatically accelerates front office business processes like Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, and Customer Service.

Our Intelligent Automation Platform

01. One easy-to-follow process

1 easy-to-follow process across your company.  The Clear Process is agnostic to any ERP provider and specific to the customer.

06. Enjoy the process

Clear software will give you the necessary tools to launch your company into a more efficient and more enjoyable software experience.

05. Insight from your data

Clear Software will give you information you need from your data. Data is a strategy. Leveraging it is your advantage. Clear Software gets you there..

02. A better software experience

Don't your employees deserve a better experience using software? The Clear UI delivers on a Lean, simplified, less tedious experience.

03. Control of your own process flow

Shouldn't you be in control of your own process flow? The Clear Work business process manager allows you to configure agnostic to a vendor's ERP.

04. Avoid massive ERP conversions

Don't you want to save millions avoiding massive ERP conversions? Clear Software licensing and deployment are fractional costs compared to multi-million dollar ERP conversions.

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Delta Faucet Company Demo

Description: Demo to configure Business Process Management

(BPM) Flow without caring what systems are underneath it (making sure that data that users are entering is getting into various systems behind that system process). In summary, Clear is a BPM Solution.

KPMG Intro to Clear Software

Description: Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform focused on end to end process automation. Clear wants to make your business work for you!

Netflix Demo

Description: Production Accounting Scenario to Demo a BPM Solution.

Continental Resources: Cross System Data Uploads in Clear Software

Description: Why Clear is capable of a MUCH faster User Platform (UX) platform.