kam hosn

Kam Hosn


Kam Hosn has been CEO of Everest for the past 20 years with a deep background in Automotive, Telecom, and AI. He is working on developing an AI based platform to bring Investors and Companies together, so investors could invest with more visibility and transparency in companies. Previously he led the development of a MediaHub appliance for Cisco Consumer Group, where MediaHub won several awards at CES. Kam has also been an advisor to Cisco’s Connected Car Group working with Tier-1 OEMs to bring advanced connectivities to automotive partners. Kam has also co-founded an Exotic car company, Rezvani Motors, selling sports cars and SUVs to global customers. Kam has also been involved in the Telecom industry such as partnering with Ericsson to utilize Drones to measure emission coming from cargo ships. Kam has been responsible for assembling an engineering team to develop products for Verizon as well as being involved in business development for Verizon to bring International Telecom operators promoting Technologies developed by Verizon.

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