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about frank leonard

Frank Leonard

CEO & Founder



Frank Leonard is a dedicated sales professional with 25+ years of experience in areas including healthcare, IT services, SMBs, and large enterprises. Frank possesses expert qualifications in areas such as sales, executive management, business development and implementation, and has a proven history of loyalty and professionalism. He is primed at leveraging his extensive sales experience alongside exemplary executive leadership. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his three daughters. He also serves on the board for the Networking and Information Technology Association, volunteers with Volunteers of America, and runs the Indy Mini Marathon every year.


Junaid Islam

Senior Strategic Advisor

Junaid Islam is a seasoned technology expert with a wealth of experience in networking and cybersecurity. He currently serves as a Board Member and CTO for XQ, a Silicon Valley-based company that has developed the first Zero Trust messaging service called Secure.chat. He joined XQ in February 2020 and has been leading the development of innovative solutions that enable secure and private communication without disclosing users' identities.

Prior to his current role, Junaid was a Partner at OODA LLC, a Washington D.C.-based organization of technology experts who provide strategic advisory services to Global 500 companies. During his tenure at OODA, Junaid focused on minimizing supply chain risk and cloud migration, as well as developing 5G Smart Infrastructure strategies.

Junaid is also known for his successful entrepreneurial ventures. He was the Founder and CTO of Vidder, Inc., a company that developed the first network-based Zero Trust Architecture with Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and was later acquired by Verizon. He was also the Founder and CTO of Piano Networks, a company that developed secure IPv6 overlay networks for the US Department of Defense's Netcentric Warfare research projects.

Junaid began his career in the technology industry as an Expeditionary Communications contractor for US Government Agencies, where he installed secure X.25 data networks in South America and the Middle East in support of national security missions. He then worked at Stratacom, where he helped develop Priority PVC Frame Relay and the first version of Frame-ATM integration, which later became MPLS after Cisco's acquisition of StrataCom. Later, he joined Cisco Systems as a Lead Architect, where he ran a group of 40 network architects that supported new product initiatives including VoIP, MPLS, as well as IP-ATM-Optic transport solutions.

Junaid holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is recognized as a thought leader in the cybersecurity and networking fields and has provided strategic technology consulting to Tier 1 global service providers on mobile applications.

Shaik Hamdan

Shaik Hamdan

Senior Strategic Advisor

Mr. Shaik Hamdan - a visionary entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and a true master of invention. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Hamdan has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the MENA area's business landscape. As the Founder & CEO of Next IT, he has helped numerous firms in expanding their operations and establishing a global presence. In addition, his Business Setup services have facilitated foreign businesses' growth in the UAE.


As the CEO of NEXT IT & SYSTEMS LLC, Mr. Hamdan has been at the forefront of introducing robots and artificial intelligence to assist organizations in thriving even in the face of unprecedented times. He is passionate about digitally virtualizing any human physical job using technology and has implemented many robotic systems, including humanoids, in the region. dditionally, he was among the first in the Middle East to leverage Amazon’s Alexa to assist clients without contacting or

emailing them.

Mr. Hamdan's contribution to the introduction of various revolutionary technologies to the MENA area has been critical. He is also a pioneer in bringing blockchain to this country and has had many successful blockchain implementations. With a deep understanding of the market's pulse and the economy's unique characteristics and strengths, Mr. Hamdan has served as a mentor to many successful companies in the UAE.


To learn more about Mr. Shaik Hamdan, please visit his LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamdan/ or email him at S.Hamdam@NextUAE.com

about jennifer bittinger

Jennifer Bittinger

Strategic Advisor


With 20 years of experience in media, tech, marketing and public relations, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and leadership helping brands grow to their highest potential utilizing her experience with digital marketing, demand generation, data reporting and brand development. She is currently serving as President of Narrativa, one of the fastest growing international AI technology companies in the world, forging the path to bring artificial intelligence automation to multiple industries, including Life Sciences, Finance, MarTech, Gaming and AEC.

Throughout her career, she specialized as a multi-faceted VP of Marketing and Branded Content Specialist serving many clients, including: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Phil, Cesar Millan, TBS, Hulu, Beliefnet, OWN, San Francisco Giants and more.

about michael creadon

Michael Creadon

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Creadon spent over 20 years in capital markets serving as CEO of Traditum Group, a proprietary trading firm specializing in U.S. interest-rate trading and energy-market making. As co-founder of the company, he grew the firm to 75 employees with offices in New York and Houston to become one of the most respected midtier prop firms in the industry. Prior to working in the futures and options markets, Mr. Creadon worked as a journalist at TIME, Bloomberg and Voice of America. Today, he continues to blog regularly on LinkedIn and is a widely followed thought leader on blockchain, bitcoin and numerous other topics. Last year, he worked at DrawBridge Lending on global marketing and sales, and he is a frequent guest on podcasts and speaker at leading blockchain industry events. Mr. Creadon joined Inveniam Capital Partners in early 2020 as Director of Sales and assumed his current role as President of Inveniam Defi Devs in June, 2021. Inveniam Defi Devs is the lead sponsor of the new Accumulate protocol, an identity-based solution for enterprise-grade clients.

about sophia rigg

Sophia Rigg

Associate Director of Digital Marketing


Sophia is a recent graduate from North Carolina State University, receiving her degree in Marketing. She has experience in technical writing as well as layout/design creation and planning. She is also experienced in social media content creation and planning. Sophia enjoys working in IT because it allows her to use both her creative and technical skills. While at NC State, she competed for the school’s Cross Country and Track teams. Her experience as a student-athlete taught her the importance of having a strong work ethic and determination. Besides running, Sophia enjoys spending her free time traveling and hiking.

kam hosn

Kam Hosn

Senior Strategic Advisor


Kam Hosn has been CEO of Everest for the past 20 years with a deep background in Automotive, Telecom, and AI. He is working on developing an AI based platform to bring Investors and Companies together, so investors could invest with more visibility and transparency in companies. Previously he led the development of a MediaHub appliance for Cisco Consumer Group, where MediaHub won several awards at CES. Kam has also been an advisor to Cisco's Connected Car Group working with Tier-1 OEMs to bring advanced connectivities to automotive partners. Kam has also co-founded an Exotic car company, Rezvani Motors, selling sports cars and SUVs to global customers. Kam has also been involved in the Telecom industry such as partnering with Ericsson to utilize Drones to measure emission coming from cargo ships. Kam has been responsible for assembling an engineering team to develop products for Verizon as well as being involved in business development for Verizon to bring International Telecom operators promoting Technologies developed by Verizon.


Rich Banta

Senior Data Center Strategic Advisor


Rich is an Air Force Veteran. He formerly served as the Chief Technology Officer of a major health care system. In Rich’s current role at Lifeline, he is responsible for governance, compliance, information security, data center operations, information technology, client concierge services, and “other responsibilities as required.” Rich

is hands-on every day in the data centers. He is Co-Inventor on Lifeline’s multiple patents covering power delivery and EMP protection. Rich holds numerous cybersecurity and data center design and operations credentials. His industry standing and activities include serving as Current Chairman of the IDCA (International Data Center Authority) Technical Standards Committee, serving as a member of Governor Holcomb’s Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity, serving on the University of Texas San Antonio DEMSO (Domestic Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations) Working Group, and serving on the StateRAMP steering and appeals committees.

Steven Thomas

Sales and Marketing Associate with a focus on international markets.


My name is Steven Thomas, I graduated from the university of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in business association. I am hard working and very driven person. I love to travel new places and meet new people. Effort and work ethic mean very much to me. I played collage football and been to 15 different countries. I’m driven to help Leonard McDowell with their international business launch and excited for the future of the company. Some of my biggest interests are Encryption BlockChain and AI. I had the honor to meet Shaik Hamdan, CEO of www.nextuae.com and create a business partnership when I traveled to Abu Dhabi. I can be reached via Sthomas@leonardmcdowell.com


Price Rowland

Healthcare Sales and Marketing Associate


Price Rowland is a highly motivated professional experienced in sales, marketing, project management and Health IT. He holds a degree in International & Global Studies from Elon University, and is currently pursuing an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Biotechnology at Alamance Community College. He has also earned a Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) from the Project Management Institute.

Before joining Leonard McDowell, Price worked as a project manager and medical writer for Bridge2Medical. Additionally, he interned as a Social Media Marketing Intern for "The Josh Johnson Show" podcast while simultaneously working as Customer Service Specialist for General Dynamics Health IT. Price continues to build on his knowledge and skills through biotechnology coursework that emphasizes proficiency in laboratory techniques along with a deeper understanding of biological sciences, biochemistry, genetics - essential industry-relevant subjects.

His areas of professional focus include implementation of generative AI to improve workplace productivity and efficiency, as well as ensuring healthcare systems' safety against emerging cybersecurity threats. Outside of work, he enjoys adventure cycling, spending time outdoors, and playing tabletop roleplaying games.