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Cyber Security

Enhanced intrusion detection, advanced analytics, and amplified threat solutions.

Illuminate threats with network traffic analysis and threat detection.

Superior visibility and improved insights into your organization’s security posture.

Data Solutions

Private cages or shared rack space with customized power & configurations.

Trusting us with data center critical facilities reduces the risk of downtime.

186,000 square feet of flexible space for office, disaster recovery, call center, and storage.

Communications Technology

Our multi-format transport and access networks services are fast & effective.

Our Ethernet, GPON & DOCSIS operations offer the matchless multi-format access.

Our team of engineers produce feasibility studies in hours and formal construction drawings in days.

Increase the visibility of malicious and suspicious activity in order to simplify incident investigation.

Lower the cost of managing network sensors via easy-to-use web interfaces that provide excellent visibility to events and threats and delivers Intrusion Detection Systems events to your data stream.

Automated event classification & advanced tagging and insightful threat detection algorithms detect threats specific to your environment.

Prioritize high probability events to direct

investigations and spend less time on noisy alerts and investigate indicators of compromise.

Reduce risks of complex information technology: downtime means lost revenues, customers, and credibility. LeonardMcDowell’s data center professionals reduces the risk of downtime.

Moving your mainframe to LeonardMcdowell’s FedRAMP/HITRUST Cloud is seamless, secure, and provides an immediate ROI - saving nearly 70% annually!

LeonardMcDowell is on the pulse of modern RF and access technology: we guide our own design approaches to give you exceptional services that will provide you with a competitive edge for years to come.

LeonardMcdowell facilities are built for Fortune 500 corporations, but priced within the reach of SMB users faced with arduous uptime and/or compliance requirements.


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