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Expand 5G and mobile wifi hub zones everywhere for students and under served communities anywhere.

We can quickly deploy network services unavailable by the incumbent carriers with unbeatable service level agreements.

Our infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and allows you to scale seamlessly.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security services combines enhanced intrusion detection and an advanced analytics.

Our unique cyber security solutions illuminate threats based on network traffic analysis and threat detection.

Lower the cost of managing network sensors via lucid web interfaces that provide visibility to events and threats.

Data Solutions

Gain the hardened infrastructure of Rated 4 data centers without the capital expense of building your own.

Our facilities are priced within the reach of SMB users faced with arduous uptime & compliance requirements.

Highly scalable solution allowing resources to be added without disrupting existing workloads as the organization grows.

Simplify government incident investigations by increasing the visibility of malicious & suspicious activity.

Enriched data provides context and prioritizes high probability events to direct investigations so that you spend less time on noisy alerts and investigate indicators of compromise.

LeonardMcDowell offers unprecedented visibility and meaningful insights into your organization’s security posture, giving you the tools to rapidly detect and respond to incidents.

LeonardMcDowell’s Data Centers retain the highest federal standards and licenses for security, infrastructure, and emergency preparedness.

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Reduce the risks of complex information technology:

data center downtime means lost revenues, unhappy taxpayers, and lost credibility.

LeonardMcDowell’s suite of cybersecurity services can be deployed to fit your environment – we support private cloud, public cloud, hybrid environments, and Stamus hardware.

Outsource your strategic data center to reduce downtime with technology office space in a unified campus environment.

LeonardMcDowell uses in-house experts to deliver the highest services levels on electrical, HVAC, security, governance, risk management and compliance.


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