App’s End-to-End Logistic Super-platform Is Transforming the Freight Industry – ZuumApp

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zuumappWith the constant evolution of technology, individuals and organizations have unprecedented opportunities to drive growth, multiply efficiency, and protect their most valuable assets. Leonard McDowell actively seeks out and invests in the companies that are inventing groundbreaking solutions that maximize potential success across industries, then we tell the world about them!

One of those companies is an innovative tech start-up, Zuum App has created a logistics super-platform that automates logistics in the freight industry. ZuumApp is the only transportation management platform that automates freight by seamlessly connecting shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers. Unlike other transportation management software that focuses on the needs of one customer type, Zuum App allows collaboration and communication across every phase of the transport process.

ZuumApp offers a unifying platform for the freight industry to collaborate with external freight networks, while also offering digital aggregation of transportation capacity, tracking and tracing shipments digitally, providing digital management OPS for shippers, brokers, and carriers, and end-to-end digital freight marketplace management.

Perhaps we are all more aware than ever that supply chain issues can interrupt life and business, so ensuring flawless transportation logistics has never been more essential to keep businesses, communities, cities, and states operating at maximum capacity.

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