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partnering with innovators tactile engineeringLeonard McDowell partners and #invests in leading #innovators and #entrepreneurs who are working on tech solutions that make the world better. David Schleppenbach, President of Tactile Engineering, is one of those innovators.

Dave has personally invested more than 25 years into creating a groundbreaking tablet for the visually impaired, which he recently presented to educators at the Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired. The response was overwhelming and confirmed Dave’s belief that this life-changing could help the visually impaired in countless ways, empowering individuals with abilities that improve their ability to participate in education and job markets that were not possible until now.

While popular, audiobooks and smartphone voice assistants cannot effectively teach spelling or composition. The result is low literacy, limited advancement in higher education, and chronic underemployment for B/VI individuals. And though the goal is worldwide accessibility to this #technology, we are starting right here in Indiana. So we are seeking support from legislator and government officials in addition to the community support needed to take this idea to the highest possible level.

Watch Dave’s video demonstration of the groundbreaking #Braille tablet and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Braile Tablet Presentation – Dave Schleppenbach 2022