Scale Computing: The IT Solution

Scale Computing: The IT Solution

Scale ComputingEdge Infrastructure

Edge infrastructure provides solutions for networks enabling them to maintain marginal workloads. To accomplish this, edge infrastructure uses cloud infrastructure as an advantage, keeping assets close with their networks. Moreover, the process of edge infrastructure is integrating a company’s IT to a cloud base software.

Visualization Platform

A virtualization platform is simple to understand. It is a platform that provides a variety of different applications to function at the same time. At the same time, allowing users to access these applications from the internet.


  • VMware
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Amazon

Hyperconverged Solutions

Hyperconverged solutions provide data centers to improve scalability and to have less complexity. This formulates from the process of hyperconvergence, where the IT framework bundles together all storage, computing, and networking into one system. Hyperconverged solutions form a tightly integrated layer of software that functions through VMs or containers.

Who Does It Best?

Scale Computing delivers to consumers by showing them how to do more with less. Using the HC3 service will eliminate usual IT solutions and replace them with an integrated platform of their own. This platform will immediately identify and rid of issues within the infrastructure. Achieving this will allow for these applications within the platform to preform efficiently even when confounding IT services are not readily available.

How Can LM Help?

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