Secretary of State Meeting

Leonard-McDowell with Holly SullivanLast Thursday, June 17th, our interns got the chance to meet and present with Secretary Holli Sullivan and Brandon Clifton. Interns Nick Goode and Nicholas Drehs did a great job sharing a presentation covering their internships so far for this summer. Secretary Sullivan serves as the 62nd Secretary of State in the state of Indiana. Using her business experience and entrepreneurial knowledge, Secretary Sullivan strives to make the life better of the Hoosier families by putting conservative principles into action. Secretary Sullivan’s mission is to deliver to the people of Indiana government-as-a-service that focuses on unqualified integrity and accuracy in our elections, consistent and principled regulatory methods, ceaseless protection of Hoosier investors, and the most efficient use of taxpayer resources. Also, she is responsible for the Business Services Division, Election Division, Securities Division, and the Auto Dealer Services Division during her term in office.

We are grateful for the time both Secretary Sullivan and Mr. Clifton had allocated for our interns. The presentation covered an overview of the internship and company, LeonardMcDowell. Our Wabash interns were funded by the Dill Family Fund, that funds 36 interns a summer. It supports Wabash students who intern at non-profit organizations or for-profit organizations owned by a Wabash alum. Throughout the presentation both Nicks elaborated on what they do and what they have learned this summer. By working at LeonardMcDowell the interns have been exposed to a multitude of different companies and their products. As Frank Leonard likes to say, “their drinking from the firehose”. The interns have learned to use note cards and commit unknown phrases, lingo, and strategies to memory. Also, the importance of networking and the LeonardMcDowell motto “Be Bold; Lets Go!”. Being willing to walk up to anyone and start a conversation, ultimately making a new connection. Being able to present in front of the Secretary of State, Holli Sullivan, was an amazing summer experience for our interns, and a valuable learning experience as well!