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xq messageKeep data safer in work-from-home and hybrid workplaces

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Work-from-home and hybrid work spaces aren’t going anywhere. And with this new workforce reality comes a new wave of data security risks, adding to the existing threats cybercrime already poses for organizations in every industry and sector.

Home offices inevitably create gaps in cybersecurity that were once mitigated by the “fortress” of office firewalls, routers and access management by an IT team. Now, more than any time in history, employees and business owners are using personal devices for messaging clients, home internet connections, virtual video meeting platforms and collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, companies, business owners and SMPs had almost no reaction time to keep workplaces operational, since this mass migration from offices to home offices happened in reaction to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the world will forever do business differently.

This reality has created a proverbial playground of opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of less rigorous data security measures – and they have! But we’ve got your back.

Leonard McDowell invests in and partners with innovative “rising star” organizations that together create a critical “cybersecurity blanket” offering protection across devices with Zero Trust and Quantum technology. One of those key partners is XQ, which is creating unprecedented solutions that apply across industries. From local government to 5G networks, from healthcare to legal service providers, from education to entertainment, there have never been simpler solutions to the challenges faced by today’s professionals.

XQ’s team consists of Silicone Valley software experts and Washington DC security experts have created a distributed data protection solution from scratch. The SMART Zero Trust security model implements quantum encryption which keeps authorization and policy enforcement at the edge and integrates tracking to detect and stop data exfiltration attempts immediately.

XQ software protects data across devices and platforms, starting at the internet connection, including:

  • Cloud storage for email, files, chat and website forms
  • Secure chat and video calling anywhere and everywhere it’s used
  • Logging and tracking that immediately identifies and stops attempted threats

How does this look in real life?

Her’s how XQ’s technology helped one MSP provide 1,000 optometrist offices across North America with a safe and HIPAA-compliant solution for patient forms.

Medical offices across North American are now staffed by more work-from-home employees than ever and utilize websites and apps to schedule appointments and transmit patient data. Yet HIPAA monitors medical practices carefully, as they should, to make sure patient information is private and secure. Now medical practices must take extra measures to continue caring for the health of patients efficiently while complying with HIPAA to make sure those identities and private records do not fall into the wrong hands.

4ECPs is a digital agency that manages websites, develops lead funnels and digitizes the client intake process within the eye-care industry. But without XQ’s secure forms, they were unable to provide a secure way for their clients to intake personally identifiable data through their online client intake form.

XQ secure forms provided an easily integrated solution by automatically encrypting all forms on their clients’ websites. Not only was client data secure and in compliance with HIPAA, they also will recognize over $180,000 in additional recurring revenue from those 1000 optometry clients.

There is no limit to the potential ways Zero Trust and quantum encryption could be applied to organizations’ unique needs. Consider your greatest challenges and let the cybersecurity blanket we’re creating for people every single day help you do business with confidence and peace of mind.

Data is the future. Protecting that data with simple, flexible, cost-effective solutions is what we are passionate about. And scheduling a demo is free!

Email Frank Leonard here or call him at (317) 407-0642 to set up a free demo. It might be the most important call you make this year.