LM Strategic Advisor Tasha Phelps Named 2022 Breakthrough Woman of the Year

tasha phelps 2022 breakthrough woman of the yearCongratulations to Tasha Phelps, a strategic advisor for Leonard-McDowell, who is being named the 2022 Breakthrough Woman of the Year in Leadership by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women in Indianapolis. She will be honored at a ceremony by the NCBW100 on June 26 at the Madam Walker Theatre in Indianapolis.

Tasha Phelps is a nationally recognized authority on information technology and cybersecurity who has managed high-profile projects for federal, state, and local government agencies and worked with numerous private-sector clients over more than three decades.

An early proponent of anti-terrorist cyber defense systems, she completed anti-terrorism awareness training with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has been called upon to design and implement sophisticated security solutions for clients across the country throughout her career.

Phelps’ experience spans across industries and she is a valued consultant, employing her unique portfolio of experiences to help her clients with new systems architecture, policy design, and business analysis.

Protecting the integrity of information continues to be a strategic focus within her Cyber Security efforts. And she has seen the impact of businesses being compromised by malicious threats and works proactively with organizations to recognize the value of building contingency plans. Her approach is to align business processes with technical solutions to create powerful plans for sustainability.

Her experience detecting, responding to, and preventing cyber threats in online environments, grants a unique perspective to ensure the security of information assets with industry-accepted risk management tactics. In short, she leads a team to implement organizational awareness for cyber actors. Upon completing the Level 1 Anti‐Terrorism Awareness training from the US Department of Homeland Security, she became even better positioned to create strategies for success – knowing WHAT to do is equally as important as HOW to do it.

Civically involved with her community for over 30 years, Ms. Phelps is a highly sought-after speaker and panelist in business development initiatives and often shares her knowledge of the US Constitution and the public’s civic responsibility in public settings. , Ms. Phelps is also eager to share her experiences and knowledge of her industry and her journey into business ownership.

She has her MS in Criminal Justice & Public Safety from the IU O’Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs, where she also received a Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security & Emergency Management in 2012. Her list of certifications and award is extensive, and Leonard-McDowell is excited to learn from her how we can continue to stay at the front edge of innovation in our efforts to keep the world’s data safer than it has ever been.


Leonard McDowell is thrilled to join forces with this influencer in the business community and equally thrilled that her years of expertise are being recognized and honored in the community. Ms. Phelps is an important part of the team we have assembled to help us deliver on our commitment to a stronger Indiana through innovation and strategic partnerships that bring together the best of the best in cybersecurity technology.” – Frank McDowell

Connect with Tasha on LinkedIn and learn from this accomplished and dedicated #womanintech. Congratulations, Tasha!