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Four hours of your time, four-hundred dollars a year, and a lifetime of a difference. That is all the Zionsville Century Club asks of its 110 members that donate $100 to a charity impacting the lives of those in their community each quarter.

The Next Step for Al

The Next Step for AI: Make it Smarter With Edge Computing and HCI

With the introduction of smart home devices, wearable tech, and self-driving cars, AI is becoming more common and is only set to grow, with an estimated 80% of devices having some sort of AI feature by 2022.

Terre Haute chooses Scale Computing to provide its IT storage needs

INDIANAPOLIS and TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – Officials from the city of Terre Haute, Ind., announced Thursday (Oct. 7) an agreement to update the city’s IT storage needs by purchasing a unified, scale-out storage solution from Scale Computing and LeonardMcDowell LLC.

How Indiana is Leading the Country in Broadband Opportunities

As part of the edge computing offensive, Scale is also bringing its HC3 Edge Fabric, which eliminates the cost of expensive network switches to manage traffic at the edge. The HC3 Fabric allows those tiny devices- which in effect become servers – to link together, providing storage and networking services to the edge apps.

NITA Networking Lunch 5G Discussion at Purdue Fort Wayne

5G promises to be transformative— from new smartphone uses, automated vehicles, and the Internet of Things to remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, industrial automation and more, the innovations of the future will be built on 5G. However, defining what 5G is, developing an understanding of how physical industries will be digitized, and understanding where Indiana fits in the overall picture presents both opportunities and challenges.

It does not rely on data.

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Indiana, center of the 5G wireless world

About 18 months ago, wireless small cells started popping up around Indianapolis. The one pictured below is about a half mile from my house. In addition to these suburban versions, built by one large mobile carrier, a different mobile carrier built a network of 83 small cells in downtown Indy. By leveraging both licensed spectrum and the 5-gigahertz unlicensed Wi-Fi band, the downtown small-cell network is already delivering speeds of up to 800 megabits per second to LTE-U equipped smartphones.

How IT Leadership Has Evolved

Spending time with Jeff Ton and Douglas Karr today. Very educational podcast on #tech #cybersecurity #broadband #wireless.

Gov. Holcomb outlines Next Level Connections program Governor

MARTINSVILLE (Sept. 4, 2018) – Gov. Eric J. Holcomb today announced his infrastructure agenda plan for 2019, including a new $1 billion investment in infrastructure projects. The Next Level Connections program will expand broadband services in rural Indiana, grow the state’s systems of trails, create more nonstop international flights, and move up the completion of major highway projects.

California’s technology and Internet firms are worth trillions of dollars

California’s technology and Internet firms are worth trillions of dollars. The state is the worldwide home of the smartphone, search engine, and social network. Of the state’s 40 million citizens, 95 percent have access to both residential broadband and fast LTE mobile networks. In urban areas, according to the Federal Communications Commission’s most recent broadband report, that figure is 98 percent.